Niche Marketing Examples

Examples of Niche Marketing

To help make further sense of niche marketing, the following table highlights some examples of firms that would successfully use this approach.


Type of Firm

How they are niche marketers


Business consultants often adopt a niche marketing strategy. They will specialize in providing advice in a particular area, often to a well-defined segment.

For example, there is a sales training expert in America who teaches financial planners how to generate referrals from customer at the close of the selling process. Therefore, he specializes in one minor part of the sales process only.


Niche marketing is very common on the Internet. You can easily find many specialist websites.

 Most blogs would fall into this category. These websites often want to be seen as the leading authority/information source on a very narrow topic.


Some retailers would be operating as niche marketers. These retailers would sell a range of products/merchandise that you would have trouble buying anywhere else, including department stores and supermarkets. Sometimes they are found in out of the way locations, as their customer base will deliberately seek them out.

Engineering firms

A number of engineering firms would also operate as niche marketers. Some of these firms would specialize in providing precise solutions to particular engineering problems.

For example, they could be specialists in removing underground water from large construction sites, or they could be experts in designing certain types of machinery.


Some non-traditional schools and other education providers could be considered niche marketers.

For example, the Montessori school system (which can be found in some countries) focuses upon what is referred to as natural learning. This type of school system only appeals to a small proportion of parents, and the Montessori offering is virtually the only alternative for parents who do not want a structured/traditional education process for their kids.

Professional services

Some professional service providers will operate as niche marketers. In this category you would include medical specialists, legal firms, sophisticated accounting firms, various experts and/specialists in their field, and so on.

These firms usually only provide advice/services on a very limited area of expertise, such as very precise medical conditions or a very narrow range of legal situations.

Specialty goods

Some manufacturers would also be considered niche marketers, if they are right providing an unusual selection of products. One example here is the ‘Fred’ range of products. They specialize in producing s range of novelty items for use around the house and when entertaining.


More niche examples

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