Should I Use Hybrid Segmentation Bases?

Hybrid segmentation is an approach using a combination of different segmentation bases.

As you most likely already know from your study of marketing, there are multiple approaches to segmentation. And while different marketing textbooks will provide a slightly differing choice of segmentation bases, they will usually include:

  • geographic,
  • demographic,

Should I Use Psychographic Segmentation Bases?

Psychographic segmentation is looking at consumer’s lifestyles, activities, and interests. It is a very effective way of understanding the consumer as a “person”.

But how effective is this segmentation approach for marketing purposes? This article explores the advantages and limitations of using psychographic segmentation bases when identifying target markets.

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Why Use Concentrated Target Marketing?

Where Concentrated Target Marketing Fits In

Concentrated marketing is a target market strategy where the firm focuses on one selected target market. It is a targeting strategy that is midway between an undifferentiated (mass marketing) strategy and a differentiated marketing strategy.

A firm using an undifferentiated targeting strategy does not … Read more...

How Can Concentrated Marketers Grow ?

Ways Firms Pursuing a Concentrated Targeting Strategy Can Grow

There is a misconception that concentrated marketing will limit growth. However, while the set of consumers targeted is limited to a single target market, that does not restrict growth opportunities for the firm.

A concentrated marketer can grow through:

  • geographic market