How do I quote the study guide in assessments?

University students may quote excerpts from the study guide. It can be formatted as follows:

  • For the in-text reference (in the report): (Fripp, 2016)
  • For the bibliography (at the end of the report)

In Harvard referencing style

Fripp, G., 2016. [Online]

Available at: www.segmentationstudyguide.com

[Accessed INSERT DATE].

In APA referencing style

Fripp, G. (2016). Retrieved INSERT DATE, from Segmentation Study Guide: www.segmentationstudyguide.com



Is this website free?

Yes, this is a completely free website.


Can I copy/paste the diagrams?

Yes, the diagrams are easy to copy and paste and use in your assessments. But remember to reference them appropriately and provide adequate discussion and analysis in your tasks. The information contained in this study guide is designed to be a supporting tool for you, not the end product.

How reliable is the information provided?

The information on the segmentation study guide is designed to assist university-level marketing students understand the various concepts relating to market segmentation and its associated topics. This information has been presented in a thoughtful, but generalized, form. Different university textbooks may use different terminology and structures from time-to-time and it is important to take that into account when preparing for exams and other assessment tasks.

Can I translate the pages?

The study guide has the Google Translate option available (in the side menu), so that the information can be converted into different language. However, please keep in mind that this is a machine translation and some of the terminology and examples may not translate exactly.