A Quick Introduction to Market Segmentation

What is Market Segmentation?

Market segmentation is the process of splitting an overall market into two or more groups of related consumers, where each of these related consumer groups (known as market segments if correctly defined) are somewhat similar to each other in terms of their buying characteristics and/or Read more...

Should I Use Hybrid Segmentation Bases?

Hybrid segmentation is an approach using a combination of different segmentation bases.

As you most likely already know from your study of marketing, there are multiple approaches to segmentation. And while different marketing textbooks will provide a slightly differing choice of segmentation bases, they will usually include:

  • geographic,
  • demographic,

Should I Use Psychographic Segmentation Bases?

Psychographic segmentation is looking at consumer’s lifestyles, activities, and interests. It is a very effective way of understanding the consumer as a “person”.

But how effective is this segmentation approach for marketing purposes? This article explores the advantages and limitations of using psychographic segmentation bases when identifying target markets.

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Should I Use Geographic Segmentation Bases?

Given the choice of potential segmentation bases, should you use geographic segmentation?

This article explores the advantages and limitations of geographic segmentation. And although it is a segmentation approach which is somewhat dated (more likely to be used in the past) it still has relevant use, providing the geography changes … Read more...

Understanding Benefit Segmentation

What is Benefit Segmentation?

As implied by the name, benefit segmentation is splitting up the market based upon the key benefits and needs sought by purchasing consumers. As a result, benefit segmentation is a very consumer-centric approach as it identifies the core product needs of the consumers.

Note for students:

Understanding Demographic Segmentation

What is Demographic Segmentation?

This approach to segmentation is dividing the market into segments based upon demographic variables, such as age, gender, life stage, family size, income, and so on.

Demographics are observable characteristics of the population, often collected on a regular basis for a government census.

Why use demographic