Construct a Segment Profile within Minutes

Building a Segment Profile

If you have consumer data, then you can create many segment profiles!

If you have access to market research survey data or a customer database, then building segment profiles are very quick and simple to do using a Excel spreadsheet.

Here is a free Excel template that has been built to allow you to create segment profiles quickly and easily… segmentation-tree-template 2021

What is a Segmentation Tree?

A segmentation tree (please see relevant articles on this website) is simply splitting the overall market or customer database into segments, usually through a series of dichotomy choices.

That is, consumers with a high or low level of awareness of our brand, or older or younger consumers, and so on. The free template has the filters and comparison points already established and all you need to do is drop in your consumer data and then select which segments you want to review and the segment profile is produced automatically.

What is a Segment Profile?

A segment profile is a detailed description of a segment, or a target market, based upon all the information that we know about the segment. Segment profiles are typically constructed from rich consumer data and include a variety of demographic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic information.

Large organizations with extensive customer databases will be able to develop very rich segment profiles. Usually these segment profiles form the basis of a firm’s target market/s and issues to help further understand the market and to develop the firm’s marketing strategies.

Video on the Excel template to develop your Segment Profiles

Here is a YouTube walk-through of how to use the free Excel template to construct segment profiles, using a segmentation tree approach. This template will help you develop many segment profiles within a few minutes from the same data set.