Positioning Examples

Examples of Product Positioning

Many firms have a tagline that is designed to support the firm’s/brand’s identity. A review of a tagline may help provide a clear indication of the product/brand’s desired market positioning.

But you may need to care take with this approach as some firms use a slogan for a short-term marketing campaign. As an example, the firm might use “great deals over summer” or “now with an improved taste”. These slogans do not indicate the full positioning of the brand/product, which means that interpreting the positioning intentions of the firm by simply reviewing their slogan can be difficult.

Regardless, the following table contains some famous taglines (still also referred to as slogans at times), which were designed to create a clear positioning in the minds of the target consumers.



Positioning Discussion

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands


This slogan clearly establishes the competitive advantage of this candy product. It highlights a single product attribute and communicates a single clear benefit to the consumer.



This seemingly simple slogan, encapsulates the ongoing connection between Coca-Cola and its marketplace. It is a product that has wide consumer appeal, strong loyalty, and is often treated like a ‘friend’ to the consumer. Hence the word ‘always’ reinforces this close consumer/product relationship.

When it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight

Federal Express

This slogan clearly highlights the efficiency and reliability of the courier and delivery service. Again it is an example of a clear statement that efficiently communicates a distinct positioning.

We try harder

Avis Rent-a-Car

This well-known slogan highlights that their competitive advantage is in the area of superior customer service and creates a clear positioning that the firm will do more to help their customers.

Eat fresh


In the competitive fast food market, this simple two word slogan stands out by clearly differentiating their offering on the healthiness and the freshness of their menu offering.

Choice of a new generation


This very effective positioning slogan makes a clear connection to younger people (or young-at-heart) that their product is the preferred cola product for today’s modern, youthful and energetic consumers.


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