Positioning Category Examples

Examples of Positioning by Category



How is it positioned?

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Rice Krispies

(or Rice Bubbles)

By product attribute

Simply highlighting the attribute of noise that this cereal makes, which adds a fun benefit to the product

Finger lickin’ good


By product attribute

Focuses on the enjoyable taste of the product

No battery is stronger longer

Duracell Batteries

By product class and by product attribute

Indicates that the battery is the leading product in its product class for durability

The un-cola


Against competition and by user

Suggests a clear alternative to cola drinks and was designed to appeal to certain attitudes held among the target market

Everything is easier on a Mac

Apple Computer

Against competition

Is targeting IBM style computers, highlighting that the Mac is much simpler and easier to use

Once you pop, you can’t stop


By product attribute

Highlights that the taste is irresistible

Impossible is nothing


By user

Taps into the self-identity and motivation of serious sportspeople

Don’t leave home without it

American Express

By use/application

States that the product is vital when you are traveling

Have it your way

Burger King

Against competition

Highlights the flexibility of their menu choices, implied against McDonald’s offerings

A glass and a half in every half pound


By product attribute

Simply focuses on a single ingredient

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands


By product attribute

Connects a product feature directly to the benefit it provides



By user

Targeted at regular consumers who feel connected to Coke

When it absolutely, positively, has to be there overnight

Federal Express

By product class

States that there is no competitive alternative when you want promptness and reliability

We try harder

Avis Rent-a-Car

Against competition

Targets the market leader (Hertz), by implying that they are lazy and complacent, particularly in the area of customer service

Eat fresh


By product class

Highlights their fresh menu items, against the range of fast food options available

Choice of a new generation


By user and against competition

Tapping into the youth market; this is your drink and clearly targeted against Coca-Cola